Zoology and Business; Not so different after all.

“Zoology, that’s so cool! What zoo do you want to work in when you’re graduated?” A phrase that I have heard a lot of times. Contrary to what the name would suggest, Zoology is not studying to be a Zookeeper, although that job would be pretty great. In a broad sense, Zoology is the study of all animals. However by the end of my degree, I was studying evolution, parasites, behaviour, ecology, and conservation. A three hour lecture on mathematical behaviour models wasn’t anything that ever got my adrenaline going. Do you know what does get my adrenaline going? A good blog about business. In my 4 years learning about zoology, and my year in business, I’ve realised there are a few parallels to what I learnt at uni, and what I’m learning right now. So here they are;

Evolution isn’t limited to life – The way evolution works is pretty simple. Changes in an organism can be brought about by mutations, or organisms choosing to breed with each other because of specific features. Some of the offspring in a species will be better coped to survive in their environment than others, so will outlive them, and are able to breed again. Over time, the good qualities are kept, and the bad ones are pushed out. I’ve come to the realisation that this isn’t limited to the world of living things, and can be applied to ideas. Consider new ideas like mutations – the changing of something before it. These will either die due to there not being a need for it or people not liking it, or change the concept for good and improve it as a whole. Just like how an organism evolves, an idea can evolve, continually going through generation after generation, constantly improving.

Parasites are terrifying – A parasite is an organism that benefits off another one, at the detriment to it. An example would be a worm living inside a large animal’s stomach, eating the food it eats and causing it to go hungry. In business, financial parasites are something that you really need to look out for. I have nothing against them, but recruiters are something I would consider to sap money without us getting any real benefit. Yes they can give you results fast because they have a huge database of people looking for jobs, but it’s a lazy and expensive way to do things, especially if you are a startup. LinkedIn, www.workinstarups.com and www.indeed.com are all great places to start if you are looking for a new employee.

It’s not just animals who have predictable behaviour – Now my business partner, Fisher, is probably better at writing this section than I am, as he studied psychology, but he is busying himself with something else right now. People are really predictable. If you want someone to warm to you in a meeting, ask them about themselves before talking about yourself. If you seem confident, people will believe you know what you are doing. Make eye contact and don’t have a handshake like a wet towel if you want people to think you deserve their respect. All small things, but they add up.


That rounds up my list of things that I could think of that Zoology and Business have in common. I hope you all enjoyed it. As always, feed free to email me at jackfrancis@bounceit.net , and be sure to check out our app here;




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