5 things to do when travelling Europe

Travelling is all the rage these days and one of the most popular destinations is mainland Europe. With so many cultures, countries and climates squeezed into one manageable area it’s no surprise that this is such a popular destination. Here are 5 things I recommend doing on your travels:

  1. Travel by rail. I recently finished a brief tour of 4 European cities (Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Dubrovnik) and besides the flights to and from mainland Europe, I completed the whole trip by train. This was what I expected to be the worst part of my travels. In fact, it turned out to be one of the highlights. Europe is blessed by thousands of miles of countryside, and there’s no better way to see it than by train. In total, I spent around 30 hours on a train over a period of 10 days. That might sound like a lot but that includes 2 overnight trains on which my girlfriend and I had a sleeper cabin to ourselves, and we were even treated to a free coffee in the morning by the train conductor – you don’t get that on a Ryanair flight.


  1. Embrace some local culture. Europe is a hotspot for culture and every country has its own traditions and delicacies. It’s always important to try some local cuisines, even if that means a pizza in Italy. A definite highlight of my recent trip was visiting some of the thermal baths in Budapest. This is extremely popular amongst tourists who visit the city, and you’ll find baths and spas all across town. My girlfriend and I managed to find an ancient bath more popular amongst the locals (admittedly we weren’t trying to be cultured, we went because it was half the price). This particular bath was over 500 years old, and even after some renovation after WW2 it was starting to show its age. If you’re ever in Budapest, I’d definitely recommend a thermal bath.

Photo 1

  1. Sample the night life. Everyone likes to party, and that’s no different in Europe. One of the best nights out I’ve had was in Berlin, known for its incredible clubbing scene. The strange thing about clubbing in Berlin is that their culture really shines through in the clubs. You’re expected to wear all black, and queuing at the door feels a little bit like being at a wake. Not just because of the dark attire, but also because any sign of laughter or discussion is the fastest way to be refused entry. I don’t know what the thought process behind this is, perhaps it’s meant to add a level of mystery to the experience. Whatever the reason is don’t let it put you off going. Everyone will be having fun once you’re inside the club, trust me.


  1. Watch the sunset. You don’t have to be travelling to do this, but there’s something very romantic about watching the sunset in another country. I was lucky enough to find an incredible spot on my travels to watch the sun go down. Dubrovnik has a cable car taking you from the foot of the old town to the top of a nearby hill. From here you have an amazing view of the surrounding landscape. The sun sets in the perfect location, across the water surrounded by nearby islands. It was a truly incredible sight, and one I won’t forget anytime soon.


  1. Use Bounce It. Bounce It is our new social media app that allows you to track the journey of your media as it’s bounced around the world. You can collect the flags of the countries your content visits, and compete with friends on the leaderboards. Bounce It is the perfect companion to travelling as you can collect the flags of the countries you are in and share all your best holiday moments with friends. If you want to give it a shot you can download it here.

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