The good, the bad and the ugly

I never thought I would be in charge of anything. Two years ago my parents went on holiday and refused to leave me in charge of the dogs. This was probably a wise decision, as I forgot to give the cats they entrusted me with water. Thank god the neighbours have a pond and cats have good kidneys. All in all, I really enjoy the increased responsibility I have. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it gets a bit too much but overall I think it’s great. Below is a list of 3 things that are great about being in charge of a company, and 3 things that aren’t so great. I’ve also included a little bit about how things can get ugly in business. This is mostly because it means I can use a really cool title. Hopefully this entertains you guys. If it doesn’t, at least it will have maybe helped explain to me why my head is so all over the place the whole time.

The good

  1. Being in charge of things is pretty cool – In all other jobs I have held, I have been the bottom of the rung, and I have always been the one on the receiving end of orders. Now i’m not much of a fan of giving orders, I far prefer discussion but it’s nice knowing I could if I wanted to.
  2. Progress is also cool – I actually feel like I’m going somewhere with my life. This is a huge driver behind why I do things. I need to feel like I’m moving forward. For the most part of my life, I do feel that way, but halfway through Uni when I realised I sucked at anything related to Biology and I can’t remember any Latin words, I was feeling somewhat lost. Thanks to Bounce It, I’m back on the path to going somewhere and it feels great.
  3. You find out what you suck at really fast – It’s made me realise what I’m good and bad at. The things I am good at are few and far between, but taking on this responsibility has made me realise that I’m decent at communicating, a good public speaker and okay at problem solving. If I was to list the things I wasn’t good at the word limit for this blog would be reached and I still need to talk about the bad things.

The bad

  1. Things can get spooky –Responsibility is damn scary at times. When this was just me and my idea, that was okay. I was okay to fail and let myself down and look like a bit of a tool. Then we got this investment and we now have 5 full time employees. That really scares me at times. I don’t want to let these people down. It’s a great driver to succeed but it’s bloody scary.
  2. You have to do things you hate – I had to get pretty comfortable with using Microsoft Excel. Excel is the devil man. Especially the brilliantly crafted, meticulously thought out and linked Excel spreadsheet our accountant made for us. The thing is absolutely terrifying and I couldn’t duck out of learning it. I think I understand it and can now navigate it without bothering the whole office with swearing which is pretty nice.
  3. You have to make decisions – I have to make decisive calls. I am not a decisive person. I actually suggested to do what other people wanted to do on a birthday night out of mine. When me and my other half go for meals, it’s just two people standing in a street saying “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” back and forth until we go to the same place we always go to. Having to make the decision about things initially made me super uncomfortable. I’m getting a lot better at it and have actually put my foot down about some things.


 The Ugly

There is nothing ugly about this company because we are all beautiful and nothing ever goes wrong. I really wish this was true, but sometimes things can get messy. This will be the case whatever business you decide to work in and there isn’t anything you can do to prevent it. However, acting with integrity, being transparent and listening to others goes a long way to preventing things from being extremely ugly. Long story short, try be a good person.

Weirdly enough I struggled a lot more to find the 3 bad things than I did the good things. Of course there will be days when I’ll be miserable, and tired and questioning why I chose to do this but overall it’s pretty damn great. If anyone has anything they’d like to ask me, please email me. I’d love to hear from you and pass on even more of my eternal wisdom. My email is ‘’.

As always, you can download our app here. It’s really cool and we hope you enjoy it;



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