The big release and a recap on Bounce It

Wednesday the 31st of May was one of the most important days of my life. 2 years of work had got the team to be where we are and the app was finally ready to be launched.

I was bricking myself.

Hovering my hand over the “share to Facebook” button whilst one of our developers checked that his changes were working was an odd feeling. Pressing the share button was even more odd, I half expected confetti and a big parade. But no, just the “Shared to Facebook” notification and a strange feeling of being exposed. This had my name on it and it was pretty weird knowing everyone was soon to be able to see it.

2 years worth of work and development had led up to that point. All stemming from an idea I had in my freezing cold flat in Glasgow. I’ll be the first to admit, it was a rather emotional experience, reflecting on how far this has somehow come. I remember the first meeting we ever had about it, with the possible developers. I had even less of an idea of what I was doing back then and must of come across as a complete moron. For whatever reason, the developers got behind the idea, and we have made it to where we are today.

Over 150 people logged into Bounce It on it’s first day which was awesome. Our software was working great and people were loving Bouncing things on. I’ve now probably annoyed everyone on my Facebook friends list by constantly posting stuff but oh well, my friends list is in need of a trim and if people unfriend me it could be for the greater good.

Now the chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you know what Bounce It is. But who knows, you could just like my writing style so I feel it could be good for a quick recap.

Bounce It is a social media app that allows users to not only see who is interacting with their media, but allows them to see the journey it goes on too. The whole app is based around photo/video sharing, and the concept of Bouncing. Any time a friend on the app sends you a photo or video, you can Bounce this photo on to your other friends, who can do the same to theirs etc etc. This creates a chain of shares. Using GPS, we can track the path that this content takes around the world and display it on our interactive map. You can see how far around the world your content travels, how many countries it visits (you can collect the countries flags) and climb leaderboards. Pretty cool we think.

Hopefully you think it’s cool too. If you think it’s cool enough to merit a download, check it out on the App Store and Google Play;

Cheers guys and happy bouncing.


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